Esteban Salazar                               

Esteban Salazar (b.1979) is a Colombian-born sculptor based in Brooklyn, New York. In 2001 Salazar moved to the San Francisco Bay area and completed a Master of Fine Arts in the Spatial Arts program at San Jose State University. His work is influenced by life experiences in Colombia during the 1980’s and 90’s under the light of an immigrant in America. Unassuming at first glance, Salazar’s installations are a collage of masks and totems built from found objects, light, lenses, projectors, and blown glass -- urban decay that challenges the perceived value of the meaningless. He has assisted and taught glassblowing and neon lighting for NYU, The Pratt Institute, The School of Visual Arts, San Jose State University, Saint Francis College, Long Island University, UrbanGlass, Brooklyn Glass, and the Bay Area Glass Institute.
Selected exhibitions include Clue: Mr. Drury with Eyes Wide Open, Agnes Varis Center, Brooklyn, NY (2017); Wanted Design, Industry City, Brooklyn NY (2016); Spectrum, Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA (2015); Everyday  Worlds: Interiors  and Exteriors, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA (2013); Playing with Fire: The Art of Making Glass, Oakland  Museum of California, Oakland, CA (2013); Even The Smallest Change Can Be Profound,  Movimiento  de Arte y Cultura  Latino Americana, San Jose, CA (2012).