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Esteban Salazar


B. 1979                                    

Transplanted from Bogota, Colombia to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001, Esteban  is  a  sculptor,  educator,  and  glass  artist  producing  work  that  goes from hot-sculpted blown glass objects to art installations of optics and light. In  the  last  twelve  years  Esteban  has  worked  on  unfolding  and  sharing  the knowledge of glassmaking inside and outside of academia.  

He  has  been  an  instructor  and  a  gaffer  at  the  Bay  Area  Glass  Institute (BAGI), and an Associate Teacher at San Jose State University. In 2013 after completing  his  MFA  in  sculpture,  Esteban  moved  to  New  York  where  he works as a freelance artist and glassblowing instructor.

Recent  exhibitions  include 'WantedDesign ‘Everyday  Worlds:  Interiors  and  Exteriors’  de Young Museum in San Francisco (2013), ‘Playing with Fire: The Art of Making Glass’,  the  Oakland  Museum  of  California (2013),  and  ‘Even  The Smallest Change  Can  Be  Profound,  Movimiento  de  Arte  y  Cultura  Latino-Americana (MACLA).